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Soop Dishes Up Some Fun Tableware

Soop is a multi-disciplinary design company, designing products for the home and commercial environment, from tableware to small items of furniture. Some of the following plates are presently in production and available at various design stores or directly from Soop. Others are looking for production and distribution. All of them are imaginative and fun.

Plate is for Pea (earthenware with pea trick booklet, presently in production):

Above: A plate that actually encourages you to play with your food. Attempt tricks from the accompanying booklet and score as many points by flicking, rolling or even spitting peas into the numbered dimples.

Pretty Nasty (bone china, presently in production):

Above: A series of decorative plates with pretty floral patterns that, on closer inspection, are made up of nasty houseflies, beetles, slugs and snails.

Ready Meals (earthenware, in production):

Above: Ready Meals are seven 10" dinner plate designs, one for everyday of the week, with mix and match recipes (e.g. chips, beans and sausages, beans on toast etc). All you need to do is prepare, cook and place your food on the right outline to serve up a diner's delight.

Crumbs (biscuit tea plates made of bone china, presently in production):

A Diner's Delight (earthenware, seeking production):

Diner’s Delights are six plates with classic American recipes to try, (All American breakfast, hamburger and fries, T bone steak and fries, macaroni and cheese, Thanksgiving dinner and waffles and ice cream).

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