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Water-Cooled House in Singapore by Wallflower Architects

Located in Bukit Timah, Singapore amongst the verdant landscape lies a two-story modern home of wood, concrete stucco, flagstone, limestone, granite, marble and lots of shallow ponds.

To unconsciously guide visitors to the living pavilion above, a minimal spiral staircase touches down within the entrance foyer.

An oculus within the pond highlights the main entrance, the circle of sunlight cooled and animated by the constantly changing sinusoidal patterns of refracted rays through the water above.

The koi pond’s thirty meter length and two meter width exposes a sixty square meter surface area within the house to capture the breezes for evaporative cooling. Hints of the tree-lined views are seen through the large circular void connecting the entrance foyer to the pavilion above.

The long koi pond runs the length of the home alongside a path that leads to the bedrooms on the ground floor.

The second story has reflecting ponds that surround the upstairs pavilion. The purpose of the second story pond is also designed to thermally insulate the dining, bedrooms and family spaces underneath from solar heat gain. In the same way, the water body above also helps to regulate temperature swings within the house. Both bodies of water were designed to facilitate in micro-cooling the rooms and spaces as well as provide an experience of serenity and isolation.

Plans and architectural drawings:

photos by and © Albert Lim
images and information courtesy of ArchDaily

Wallflower Architects
Design Team: Cecil Chee, Robin Tan & Sean Zheng

Whimsical Entrance Gates Designed For An Amsterdam School Garden by Tjep.

Two stunning entrance gates serve as portals to nature in the historical Amstel Area. Frank Tjepkema (aka Tjep), along with Leonie Janssen, crafted two colored galvanized steel gates coated with epoxy and on a concrete foundation for the Aemstel Schooltuin (school garden).

The new working-garden, where over 500 school children aged 9 to 11 will learn about nature and grow their own plants, is situated on Kalfjeslaan, Amstel – a picturesque place steeped in rich cultural history.

Tjep. had the honour of being asked to create two new sets of entrance gates to the garden, a project commissioned by Stadsdeel Zuid, the Amsterdam South City Council.

Two sets of monumental gates will guard both approaches to Aemstel Schooltuin and add a contemporary element to this historic area. Settled next to the Riekermolen, built in 1636, the area has a long history of natural beauty appreciated by none other than Rembrandt himself. His statue sits next to the new school garden, frozen in the act of painting the famous windmill. One set of gates will mark the entrance from Kalfjeslaan, and the other will sit on the route from Amsteldijk.

“This amazing area deserved a design that paid homage to the unique context, but also brought a new influence to the place.” Says Tjep. founder and lead designer, Frank Tjepkema. The design integrates references to the lush flora and fauna of the surrounding environment, classical era elements with a contemporary urban graffiti construction.

Frank Tjepkema states that “a strict functional requirement was that the gates would stop those notorious plant criminals, rabbits – which we do through tightly woven patterns at the bottom. When constructed, these gates will stand at eight meters wide and four meters tall and become a portal, ushering people from the urban Amstel to the historic landscape beyond. I hope children and others will feel some anticipation, some excitement, as they pass through the gates to discover the verdant wonders of nature.”

Production of the gates by Smederij van Rijn 

all photos and information courtesy of Frank Tjepkema

The San Lorenzo North Showcase Villa with Marble Tiled Pool at Quinta do Lago by de Blacam and Meagher.

Sleek, modern architecture marks the design of this stunning Showcase House by de Blacam and Meagher Architects that sits on a golf course in Portugal's Quinta do Lago, one of Europe's finest luxury resorts.

The plot of 2140 m² villa faces the 10th hole of the San Lorenzo course, with the villa opening up to this breath-taking view.

The house is planned so that the entrance to the north has a closed private elevation contrasting with the open south facing elevation with its double height portico on the garden side.

Over a generous layout of 850 m² this contemporary masterpiece features five stunning bedroom suites, a double-height covered terrace wrapping around the villa’s lower floor, a marble floor swimming pool, a basement complete with gym, home-spa, games room and home cinema.

The built-in fireplace in the living room prior to being furnished:

The swimming pool is a beautiful rectangular spillover pool whose bottom and stairs are covered in heavily veined marble tiles.

A built in outdoor grill and lots of outdoor seating make for perfect entertaining:

A series of cubic volumes step gradually up the slope of the site from the entrance road up to the double height living room, facing onto the fairway.

Plot Area: 2145m2
Build Area: 535m2
price: €5,950,000

Site and House Plans:

Architects: de Blacam and Meagher Architects
Location: Quinta do Lago, Portugal
Design Team: John Meagher, Paul Fox, Andy Richardson
Project Managment: Forbes Project Management
Collaborating Architects: Lawrence and Long Architects and Planassociados
Area: 650 sqm
Year: 2013

Quinta do Lago's San Lorenzo North:

Quinta do Lago's San Lorenzo North is one of the last untouched corners of Quinta do Lago. Now available for purchase, it is divided into 26 plots, each benefitting from lakefront, golf-front and pine grove views, San Lorenzo North offers the chance to build your luxury home within the Algarve’s most coveted resort development.

The release of San Lorenzo North and its 26 stunning plots opens up a new vision of Quinta do Lago, instantly recognisable as part of this exclusive resort, but unique in how it blends the area’s trademark characteristics.

Located in the resort’s south-eastern corner, San Lorenzo North plots look over the 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th and 18th holes of San Lorenzo golf course, while enjoying views towards the Atlantic and the Ria Formosa Nature Park nearby.

The sale of the plots is being handled by Knight Frank
You can view more of Quinta do Lago's Villas and properties here

images courtesy of Quinta do Lago and de Blacam and Meagher Architects

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