Delta Airlines Announces Their 2nd In Flight Movie Competition Winner

This is the second year that Delta Airlines has had an in flight move competition. (To read my post about last year's winner, go here.) This year's winner was announced at Park City, Utah during the 2008 Sundance film festival.

Vancouver filmmaker Robert Kirbyson was awarded the top prize for his film "Ctrl Z."(which starts Tony hale of Arrested Development fame). In addition to the trip to Sundance, Kirbyson receives a $10,000 cash award and a pair of round-trip tickets valid anywhere Delta flies worldwide.

All five finalists received a trip to Park City, Utah, the site of the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, to attend the celebratory party - courtesy of Delta. The winning film was chosen from five films through audience balloting at and on Delta on Demand from Dec. 3, 2007 - Jan. 15, 2008.

Above: Actress Cheryl Hines Hosts Celebratory Party at SKY360 by Delta in Park City for Vancouver Filmmaker, Robert Kirbyson, during 2008 Sundance Film Festival

This year, nearly 150,000 passengers viewed the five finalist films in-flight on Delta on Demand, with an additional 200,000 viewings taking place at

The four other finalist films included:

-- Slow" by Kurt Kuenne: a depiction of a traffic safety worker who is accidentally caught in the background of a newspaper photo drastically changing his life forever.

-- "Tales of a Mere Existence: Conversation" by Levni Yilmaz: how a simple trip to the video store can bring up everything that's wrong with your relationship.

-- "T'is the Season" by Bob Giovanelli: when a little girl goes to see Santa Claus, she is disappointed to find he is on a break. Fortunately for her, she stumbles on a somewhat unorthodox replacement.

-- "Morning Fall" by Edward McGinty: a mysterious man wakes up on the side of the road, injured and confused; Who is he? Where does he come from? And where will he end up when he can't find his way home?

See all the finalist's movies here.

Be sure to see last year's winning entry, High Maintenance (which was great) here.

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