No More Billy Dee & Pool Halls:
Cole & Weber Hips Up Colt 45

Above: illustration by Jim Mahfood.

Pabst Brewing Co., with a campaign from Seattle boutique Cole & Weber is rebranding the old malt liquor with a hip, urban style campaign. Outdoor, digital and print ads espouse what it calls "The Tales of Colt 45," with graphic-novel-type strips that show young drinkers enjoying alcohol-fueled adventures. And in a bold and brilliant (but controversial move), some of the creative appears to be drawn on brown paper bags, featuring the artwork of Jim Mahfood. You can see the artists' myspace page here.

Above: The bags feature artwork of graphic novelist Jim Mahfood.

Click here to see a 3-minute video about it.

The tag line "Works Every Time" is still a part of the campaign, but this time around you won't see Billy Dee Williams purring it as in the still pictured above.

Above: art by jim mahfood.

Check out the re-branded new site here.

Some bonuses for you:
Don't ask, just click, look and listen

Fun facts and triva at a Colt 45 "experience" website

•A classic 1992 Billy Dee Williams Colt 45 commercial:

•A vintage Colt 45 commercial from 1978:

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