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99 Modern Menorahs.Oy Vey, That's A Lot of Lights.

List: Modern Menorahs
Actually, the above image features 201 menorahs and has been updated since the initial post.

Modern Menorahs are growing in popularity. And since last year's list was such a hit I've decided to continue to scour the world and web for new and more modern menorahs to add to my list of links with images at This Next

Please note that although I've listed several menorahs, this list does not include 'novelty' menorahs of which there are many.

Instead this list is focused on beautifully designed menorahs that deviate from the traditional style.

To see modern Christmas stuff, check out my other list by clicking here.
Hanukkah (Chanukah) begins December 4th this year. Better buy that menorah now!

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