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Addendum To Yesterday's Post: Grace Gunning

A little note:

Yesterday I wrote a post on Grace Gunning and her unique, mysterious and personal handmade copper reliquary boxes.
Ironically, that was the one day, her own personal site was down. In all fairness to this artist (and to my readers), now that her site is functioning, please be sure to take a look. Her boxes make wonderful personal and unique gifts.

I was also remiss in not explaining how some of her pieces are 'interactive' games, under her site heading "Come Play With Me" (you know, where you roll the ball around until it sits in a little depression?) and I didn't point out her fabulous Changeling boxes which, when moved, images appear and disappear.

Her work ranges from kitschy (little plastic babies and googly eyes) to spiritual (angels, madonna) to retro (robots and toys).
Now that her site is up and running, be sure to visit by clicking here.

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