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Funky Find Of The Week:
Amplifier's Broom With A View

Broom With a View is created by London Design Studio, Amplifier,

and incorporates a usable wooden picture frame into the handle of a broom.

Now when your broom is leaning against the wall, it can do double time as a way to show off a photo.

Now that's using space wisely...

Broom 250 x 1260 x 60 mm
Frame 133x184x43, holding 100x150 (6x4) images

Buy It Here.

In addition, Amplifier has come out with their first T-shirt and it uses the "Broom With A View" as an air guitar graphic element:

or, if you'd like their newest Amplifier logo postcard:

If you would like one, please email with your address to:

Check out all their products here.

contact info for purchase:

151A Englefield Rd
+44 (0)7941 419 962
Contact:Florian Kremb

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