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Spruce Up Your Home With Real Wood

Wood Wonderland

In intentional contrast to my previous posts about "faux bois" and "wood-like" flooring, how about the real thing?

About ten years ago blonde woods were all the rage. Maple, beech, birch, white ash.

Then about five years ago, it was dark woods; cherry, mahoghany.. or, as you probably know them; java, espresso and chocolate wood, since most of the dark woods were stains.

But now, anything goes.

And there are a million beautiful things made of wood these days. In any shade. And any style.

Veneer, lasercut, bent, combined with electronics, light, glass and more.

Above, clockwise from top left; Reclaimed timber vases with glass inserts, intricately lasercut wood bench by Studiobility, wood-framed wall mirror with little bird and twig detail , wood and acrylic bed tray by Asli Bohane, The reveur cube clock with feather secondhand, wood framed HDTV LCD screen, Seneca pendant flourescent lamp, modern wood planter box by Wud, the Creep pendant lamp by Susan Bradley and Arik levy's Wengé wood rocks.

From wood clocks and benches to wood vases and decorative items, here are ten new items made of real wood that will "spruce" up your home. Pardon the pun..

Click on any of the images above for purchase information.

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