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Try Your Hand At Handbag Designing
And Win A Murakami LV Purse!

This is your chance to win a thousand dollar purse for the price of postcard postage.

How this contest works:
You send Imprint Culture Lab an original handbag design on this template by midnight of Monday, January 21, 2008.

They will post all submissions here.
Then, everyone votes for their favorite designs.

The design with the most votes wins the handbag that started all this commotion (seen below, only the Louis Vuitton Alma bag is covered with the special murakami LV fabric "superflat" which includes the eyeballs).

You know, the one designed by that famous Japanese artist (Murakami) who made being an otaku at least as cool as carrying a high-end French luxury purse?

Above left : the design that started it all, Murakami's Louis Vuitton Alma Handbag.
Above right : The actual Murakami fabric on the winning handbag. Click to enlarge

You can submit as many entries as you wish
You can mail hard copies to them at:

Imprint Culture Lab
555 East Ocean Blvd, Suite 900
Long Beach, CA 90802

Or submit your design via email to:
Be sure to include your name and contact info with your submissions.

perhaps the following two entires will inspire you:

I don't know who designed the above left, but above right is clearly an entry by one of my personal favorite designers, Scott Rench of Yosoh.

About Imprint lab:
The IMPRINT Culture Lab was founded by interTrend Communications to investigate, promote and curate Asian-sourced and inspired consumer culture. IMPRINT’s mission is to foster creativity and innovation in the business segment by connecting the cultural dots between various elements, which includes inspiration from art, media, food, fashion, product design, technology, architecture and pop-culture phenomena.

The imprint lab enables collaborative idea generation between corporate marketing and development teams and artists, designers, and entertainers who are leading and shaping global pop culture.

IMPRINT engages consumers and clients through various methods including an annual culture conference, private collaborative workshops, as well as custom consultancy and research products and services.

Start designing!

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