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Deborah Bowness' Unique Hand Printed Wallpaper

The word "unique' is thrown around a lot without really registering in many cases. We've grown a little anesthetized to it. Especially in design. But I made a point of putting that very word in this post's headline because, despite a glut of beautiful wallpapers on the market, these are truly unique.

She has a few different collections, each of which seem to combine art, space and meaning.

Below are some selections from her collections:

In addition to these (and many more you can see on her site ), she sells wallpaper 'kits', multiple images one can add wherever they want like decals.

These are so much more elegant looking than the popular vinyl wall decals and stickers selling everywhere these days.
Take a look:

Finally, below are some images of her wallpaper in the Lacroix Hotel du Petit Moulin in Paris and in the Phillip Starck Yoo Design project, Aldelgade in Denmark.

When space and furniture interact with her art, a whole new environment is created:

Below: Seems she has some new wallpaper, Typography, in the works which should be available soon. I can't wait!

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