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Cute Dog Crates (Can You Believe It?)

Wired Crate

daisy crate

spiral crate

leaf crate

Bamboo Crate

banana leaf crate

...and some variations in shapes sizes and varying tops:

Who is behind Bow Wow House?

Lori Grey's love of animals and interior design led her to develop Bow Wow House, a whimsical pet product line of Doggie Doll Houses, Critter Crates and "For The Birds" bird houses. The colorful and playful designs are part of Lori's "fresh ideas and fun products for furry friends."

Trained as a graphic designer, fine arts painter, furniture designer & decorative painter, Lori uses all her skills in Bow Wow House product development. As an international sales and marketing consultant for the non-profit "Aid to Artisans" she uses those same skills to help artisans from developing countries reach international markets.

After graduating from art school, Lori opened Fish Tales Gallery, which specialized in contemporary handcrafts. She then founded "That Girl Decorative Painting and Design" where she designed and crafted faux finish murals, decorative paintings and furniture in high-end residential and commercial buildings.

Lori's current product development line includes textiles, furniture, home decor products and more surprises from Bow Wow House.

Born in Connecticut, Lori worked in Atlanta and San Francisco and now lives in Los Angeles with her pets Ivan & Daisy, and her husband Bob, though not necessarily in that order.

And, they have many wonderful dog houses, birdhouses and cat houses as well, so be sure to check their site out here.

Bow Wow House
5333 Village Green
Los Angeles, CA. 90016
Phone: 323-291-9948

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