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It's black friday, the busiest shopping day of the year.

Perhaps I can help?

Today is purported to be the biggest shopping day of the year. Some stores opened their doors at the ungodly hour of 4 a.m., others had people camping out the night before. According to early news reports this morning, Nintendo Wii, Zune and other mp 3 players as well as games like Halo 3 and gadgets like iphones and ipods are the hot sellers.

A Wal-Mart shopper loads up her cart with Black Friday bargains.

Midnight shoppers rush into the Altamonte Mall in Florida.

The parking lot at the Hamilton Place Mall in Chattanooga, Tenn., was 85 percent full shortly after 9 a.m.

If you are one of those sane people who, rather than getting your car door dinged by a thoughtless shopper in a crowded parking lot or losing your cell phone in the local mall, would prefer to shop from the comfort of your home and personal computer, then I am here to help.

Nowadays, most of the 'great deals' people are clamoring for the day after Thanksgiving in malls are also available online.

And the savvy shopper does better to buy out of state (no tax) and find an online coupon code for free shipping!

I suggest checking these sites before you hit the 'check out' button to be sure you're not missing out on any promo codes or special deals:

First and foremost, The Apple Store (who rarely ever has a sale) does have a sale today. AND Only today!

Apple gifts this year, you had better act fast--the sale is of the one-day variety. Highlights include $51 or $101 off MacBooks and iMacs (sadly, you're out of luck if you're trying to justify a MacBook Pro purchase), $21 off the AirPort Extreme Base Station, and $21 off the iPhone Bluetooth Headset. Three iPods are on sale: you'll save $31 on an iPod Classic and $11 on either the Nano or the Shuffle. Lots of other products and accessories are on sale. See them all here.
So now's the time to get that iphone or ipod.

Click here to go to the apple store online sale.

Go here to see Jonathan Blum choices for the top ten tech toys this year.

Watch a CNN video on hot toys this christmas season here.

Check out (they have great deals all year and even better today). Especially on things like external hard drives and Zune media players, as well as books and tvs!

Got a serious Sports Fanatic in the house? According to Money Magazine's Charles Passy, Noah Rothbaum and Wilson Rothman, here are The greatest gifts ever for sports fanatics....

My personal top 5 choices for gifts that no one would return:

For anyone, male or female, young or old, the following five gifts are my favorite things to give this season.

1. The Flip Video Ultra 30 minute recorder

Above: The Flip Video Ultra, a pocket sized video camcorder (available with 30 minutes of recording time or 60 minutes). Even my grandmother can use this one. Record and plug it into the tv (cord comes with) or into the computer via the built in usb.
This rocks! I bought four earlier this year and am giving them to my whole family (who are not tech savvy!)

Here's a money saving hint. No one really needs 60 minutes of recording time unless you are making an actual movie. So if it's just for "you tube" fun or to see keep up with your growing nephews and nieces, get them the 30 minute recorder.. they will be thrilled.

Available online at or target, toys r us, amazon,, etc.
Be sure to check out all the stores, prices vary on this one. Also available in black or colors.

2. Netflix movie rentals and instant computer movie downloads.

So easy, affordable and who doesn't rent DVDs? Plus the options for the amount of time or number of rentals makes it easy to purchase this for anyone regardless of how much you want to spend.

How it works:(click to enlarge)

Buy it here.

3. Pottery Barn's Fabulous Fur Throws on sale today only!!!!!!!!!!

I get so many compliments on the luxurious feel of this throw from men and women everytime they visit and see it !
Comes in four nice options. Usually $150.00, it's on sale WITH FREE SHIPPING today only for $99.00
Buy it now.

4. Money no object? Spoil your child or yourself with the $345.00 PLEO by Ugobe.

Learn more about this adorable interactive toy here.

5. A Bluefly gift certificate.

Lots of people have heard of Bluefly but haven't actually checked it out. They are unaware that in addition to having designer clothes at a discounted price they carry great home decor items like Thomas Paul Pillows and luxury bedding at prices that are hard to beat anywhere. Shoes are a great find here as well...and as many items for men as women.

And for Project Runway fans, they actually sell the "wall of accessories" here. Luxury and designer handbags, belts and more.

Also, a bonus is that no one makes it easier to return items than Bluefly. They provide you with the free return sticker, just put it in the box, seal it up and set it out for the postman. Costs you nothing and you get full return credit.


Ready to hit some of the stores who have sales and free shipping today?
Here are a few you can access from the comfort of your home instead of braving the heinous crowds.

Click away...
Apple store
Toys R Us
Pottery Barn
JC Penney
Best Buy
Circuit City
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