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Fur + Embroidery + Dance + Dog = Puppoose

Take a talented girl with a rock hard body and a love for dance, dogs and crochet and what do you get? The Puppoose, of course.

Shannon Beach is a professional dancer, aerialist and the designer and creator of the "Puppoose". A SAG /AFTRA member with an impressive resumé and an equally cute dog, she has created this fun(ny) crocheted dog carrier now available for $60.00- $80.00 in various designs and colors.

The Puppoose is the most ergonomically designed, natural way to carry your pet. The luxuriously lightweight, soft fabric makes using this carrier a breeze. The Puppoose fits any small dog and any person. Its crocheted design has 4 holes at the base for the pets limbs, 4 adjustable straps to adjust the length, a neck cushion for your comfort and safety strap to ensure your pets security. Its hands-free convenience allows more quality time together!

Made of cotton and acrylic, the Puppoose is machine washable and you simply lay it flat to dry.

The designer, Shannon Beach and her "spokesdog" (below):


Pink, Blue, Brown & Black, The custom fabric is made of 45% cotton/55% acrylic. Machine washable, lay flat to dry

XSmall: 2-4lbs
Small: 5-8 lbs
Medium: 9-15 lbs
Large: 16-22 lbs

RETAILERS: Please call 818-505-8829 for wholesale information

About this unusual designer
(from the 'about' section on her site):

Often on the road as a professional dancer for superstars such as Cher, P!NK and others, Shannon appreciates her down time and puts her mind at ease by crocheting. The meditative process allows her to slip into a world of relaxation and deep concentration, focusing on everything and at the same time, nothing at all. She describes this space as being "in the flow". A state of concentrated attention in which ordinary worries are forgotten and intrustions fail to register. She explains this feeling as being absolutely blissful and decided to make it her own by naming the company Feel the Flo.

Shannon has appointed her Shih Tzu, Ted D. to be the official "spokesdog" behind the first product, the PUPPOOSE. Its fashionable functionality compliments the pair as they cruise the streets of Los Angeles and New York City, spreading the joy of this unique product. This guerilla marketing tactic has gained an adoring fan base allowing people to easily see how the PUPPOOSE would enhance their lives.

This is the first of many innovative ideas to build the Feel the Flo brand. Shannon is dedicated and smart and most importantly patient. She exudes positive energy and creativity which motivates herself and others, building strong solid relationships along the way. In an ever changing and increasingly competitive world, she believes a clear focus and perseverence will allow her dreams to come true!

the Feel The Flo website

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