Zo Design Goes To The Birds

Time To Fly:

By Zo design, a cuckoo clock and a birdhouse, but their functions are swapped. The shape of a cuckoo clock becomes a birdhouse, and a birdhouse becomes a clock.
Buy either one here.

The Neighbird:

When the world get's more busy every day, even the birds have to hand in space.
Material: oakwood
Dimensions: 32cm x 26cm x 12cm (h x w x d)

Buy the Neighbird here.

And a really cool idea- 1-2-3 birdhouse for free:
A birdhouse you start....and the bird finishes it!

A postcard shows you how to make a birdhouse without any material.
When placed at the right spot the bird will finish it.

Material: paper

download the free postcard here.

About Zo:

Above: Designers of ZO, are Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink.

Both still studying at the Design Academy Eindhoven.
'We don't want to wait with our design studio until we are finished studying, it is too much fun to wait. We started the studio in 2005, during our second year, the design 'tallow' was being produced at that time. From our studio in Eindhoven, we try to do the whole designproces ourselves. From the idea until the finished product. In this way, we keep the production small and personal.
Our collection consists of many different products. From bags to furniture and interior products.
Keep an eye on us, there is more to come!'

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