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A Fire Extinguisher That's Hot, Hot, Hot. Introducing Pinqy.

PinQY® is a small yet very powerful tool that comes in handy when you have the beginnings of a fire at hand.

Its unique spherical shape gives PinQY® the same extinguishing capacity (in terms of pressure) as a 1 kg extinguisher!

With its lightweight and practical design, PinQY® is simple to use and easy to handle. It takes up little space, which means that PinQY® is not only also suitable for smaller living spaces (such as student rooms), it can also be placed right in any area that runs the risk of catching fire.

As it is “lightweight” and does not require much strength to handle, PinQY® can also be used by children, the elderly and the disabled.

Its pleasing design and gadget-like nature also make PinQY® a perfect present for your children, friends and family.

Where is a good place to put/bring PinQY®?

* campsites, boats, garages/sheds, gardens (by the barbecue for example), kitchens, bedrooms, student rooms, etc.

Right now, it's only available from the following places:
United Kingdom:
PinQY UK Ltd.
18, College Parade
Salusbury Road
Queens Park
NW6 6RL London
United Kingdom

PinQY Nordic
Bivägen 13
125 58 Älvsjö

PinQY Netherlands
Postbus 4326
6202 VA Maastricht

but soon to be available in more places..

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