Pouring Money Down The Drain Can Be A Good Thing. Luxury Vanity Wastes For The Bathroom.

Murano House has turned that simple stainless feature, the drain, into a piece of art.

Murano House has launched its debut product: Venetian bejewelled marble and stone vanity wastes (aka sink and shower drains)

Titled as: 'Murano Scolpisce il Tappo,' this designer vanity waste range is jewellery in the bathroom for those who wish to indulge in understated and contemporary elegance.

The jewelled vanity wastes reflect the company’s branded strategy: luxury appeal, high-end quality and its unflinching integrity in its approach to design. The elegant glass and stone drains for sinks, showers, bathtubs (both overflow and fillers) really add a posh splash to the bathroom.

Polished stone, glass, terrazzo, marble and 24k gold finishes:

Watch faces that function as drains:

Bath overflows and bath fillers :

A bit about Murano House reprinted from their site:
Be seduced by Murano House defining the essence of bathroom beauty with handmade Venetian bathroom wastes for the sink, bath and shower.

Murano House’s myriad of colours and innovative creative sense incorporates precious stones including: Emeralds, Rubies, Topaz, Amber and Amethyst. The jewels are set in glass onto refined mountings in gilded silver gold and platinum.

The nimble hands of the glass master whose craft has been passed down through father and son generations fuses the glass together and moulds the glass giving the sculpture its form and shape.

This exclusive designer range of vanity wastes will stand alone as an independent objet d'art in any bathroom scheme. Additionally, when immersed in water, the vanity wastes sparkle brightly as lustrous and luminous jewels.

These exclusive Venetian jewelled vanity wastes will adorn any high-end specification including hotels, bars and restaurants as well as those discerning and indulgent clients from the domestic interior market.

Bespoke commissions are available, particularly; if there is a colour scheme you are working to. Bespoke pieces are priced on application. Also note that each vanity waste is individually crafted and therefore, colour variations can be expected.
Now your sink can have a beautiful drain as well as fixtures.
The also make drains for showers. Amazingly beautiful collection. And, well... another thing to spend your money on.

learn more about Murano House bejewelled venetian fixtures by clicking here.

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