Chew on this: 700k grill for Rapper Baby

TMZ was there as the Cash Money Millionaires' singer had his $250,000 platinum/white gold plated and diamond encrusted grill replaced with a new and improved one worth $500,000.

People joke that Julia Roberts has a million dollar smile but rapper Baby literally does - and he has the bling to prove it.

The diamonds were designed by jeweler to the stars Chris Aire. Aire is the first designer to provide ascher cut diamonds made especially for use as a dental accessory.

The four hour procedure, performed by Beverly Hills dentist Dr. Daniel Durchslag, may seem bizarre to some, but Baby says he's just looking to "take it to another level."

And to keep his smile sparkling, don't expect to see him using Colgate anytime soon. Dr. Durchslag has concocted a special toothpaste that won't dull or scratch Baby's newly drilled family jewels.

Baby's extreme makeover should come as no surprise since he and the Cash Money Millionaires are responsible for coining the now ubiquitous term "bling bling." Which makes perfect sense since Baby says bling is his "passion" in life.

Besides the costs associated with the oral surgery and the diamonds, Baby also has an insurance policy on his new evil grin estimated at around $700K.

With a price tag like that, Baby's tooth fairy better have the last name Trump.

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