Design Is Blind: Beautiful, Wearable & Functional Objects With Braille

'Love Is Blind' Vase by Jessica Lertvilai, Canada

What makes this vase extra beautiful is that those are love letters transcribed in reliefed braille on the surface of the earthenware vase. The vase's narrow oval shape is ideal for floral arrangements, and unfilled it makes a romantically statuesque statement.
12" x 6" x 2", Earthenware.
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Raised Flocked Braille Wallpapers by Ilias:

Ilias makes actual Braille wallpaper with raised flocked dots in various colors, including one with accompanying text. All of their wallpapers are printed by hand and made in England.

Braille Wall Flats By Inhabit

Inhabit's Embossed Wall Flats are designed to expand in any direction with an automatic pattern repeat. Cover a existing wall, help disguise a not-so-smooth wall or add a modern pattern to any room setting.

They are good for the environment too, because they are made from bamboo pulp, one of the world's most renewable resources. No trees were harmed in the making of this product.

Customize them by rotating every other tile or row, mix-and-match patterns or paint them to coordinate with your decor. The rule is there are no rules and the important thing is to have fun with it. It¹s low stress, low commitment and a big payoff in the way Wall Flats from Inhabit impact a space. Wall Flats can be used to do an entire room, one wall or to create free-standing-art pieces.

Dimensions: 18"x18" panels
Content: 10 panels per box
Coverage: 22.5 square feet
Color: Off-white paintable surface
Material: 100% molded bamboo paper pulp. No chemical fillers or additives.
Hand: Feels like a dense hardboard
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Dennis Lin's Braille Tiles -Totem Design

Dennis designed the tiles when he was looking for a way to express a message in a literal, but subtle, way. If the writing 'aint on the wall already, these tiles provide the perfect way to get it up there. Each 6 x 12 cast polymer tile represents a character of the Braille alphabet. To display your own tactile message, please order the total quantity of tiles you require (including blanks). Since every tiled message is different, Totem will contact you to confirm exactly which tiles/letters you require. $50/each
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Braille Furniture by Marielle Wichards

"Yes, I am fascinated by the fact that blind people experience forms and material in a completely different way. This fascination was born when I worked for 'het Schild', on the signposting in the building. Dealing with a physical handicap is complicated enough already, as a designer I can make things easier, more practical or more interesting. And that is very rewarding."
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Ingrid Lilligren's Braille Ceramics

See all her work here.

Braille Jewelry by Kim Christiansen

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Some braille rings from At First Sight

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And Braille necklaces from Blugrn Design

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Auguste Raymond's Braille Hi-Touch Watches appeal to both the blind and seeing customers who like a functional, design wristwatch.

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Wenger's Braille Watch:

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Custom Braille T-shirts and Hoodies
At Primitive State, you can create custom t-shirts and hoodies you like in Braille:

above: an example of the braille translating interface at Primitive State.

Lego-Type Bricks for the Blind

A Tack-Tile® is interchangeable with any of the LEGO® -type blocks on the market.
Tack-Tiles® slates accept LEGO-type blocks; boards bought at toy stores accept Tack-Tiles® , yet differences exist. Tack-Tiles® slates are heavier and have receptor sites spaced like letters and lines of text. The receptors are rounded making placement of Tack-Tiles® easy even for many with fine and gross motor control problems. Tack-Tiles® may be pushed on with whatever force is available.

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