Funky Find Of The Week:
The Diamond Studded Saucepan

Pot à la Fissler and Harrods:
timeless luxury for $205,245.86 USD!! (£100,000)

, the leader on the German market for premium cookware, is setting new standards of luxury with a unique product: a pot adorned with gold and diamonds from Fissler will be presented to the exclusive clientele of the London department store Harrods from the 10th of September until the 20th of October. This true gem will be exclusively produced to order and will cost £100,000 (Or $205,245.86 USD).

Technically, the diamond pot is based on a saucepan of 28 cm in diameter from the successful premium series 'original profi collection®' by Fissler. The handles on the lid and sides as well as the name logo are made from almost one kilogram of solid gold (750/yellow gold) and are studded with more than 200 diamonds (TWSI) of varying sizes.

The breathtaking one-off originals will be crafted lovingly by hand in Idar-Oberstein/Germany. This town in Rhineland Palatinate is well-known as the home of Fissler, the international leaders and experts in cookware, and has, for centuries, enjoyed a global reputation in the design of precious stones and jewellery for the most exclusive clientele all around the world.

The product will be presented in accordance with its unusual characteristics: the diamond pot will be showcased at Harrods on a special presentation pedestal made of rootwood. The diamond pot will come complete with a high-class jewellery box made of rootwood. A document and the appropriate quality certificate guarantee additional exclusive quality for the buyer.

With the diamond pot, Fissler will be presenting what is probably the most precious pot in the world. An application for inclusion in the book of Guinness World Records has already been submitted.

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