is for Plebians; Introducing the Snottiest Online Dating Service: The Diamond Lounge

Beginning this October, the Diamond Lounge -a 'social networking' site for the elite (aka an online dating service for the pretty and wealthy set), requiring application and 'approval' will launch.

They are purposely vague on the site but if you dig deep enough (under membership terms) you will find the details.

My favorite part of the application is the following:

And I love that the 'fees' have yet to be determined.

If they truly want to be the MOST EXCLUSIVE club, they ought to only take American Express Centurion Cards as their form of payment. And, if you don't know what that is... you should automatically be rejected.

Above: The American Express Centurion Card (aka The Black Card)

By the way, no surprise this "Diamond Club" is centrally located in London. P-shah.

Below is reprinted directly from their site:

THE MOST ELITE COMMUNITY EVER CREATED------------------------------------------------

The Diamond Lounge is a new online members' club aimed at the world's genuine elite.

The club will launch on October 1st, 2007 and will provide members with a sophisticated and refined online environment where they can meet and interact. The Diamond Lounge will be totally private and non-members will not have access to the club or be able to see who is inside. Membership will be granted on an exclusive and discretionary basis and many members will join through personal invitation.

The Diamond Lounge will provide members with a variety of quite different online experiences. On the one hand, the club will be traditional and formal. On the other, it will be decadent, extravagant and even a little hedonistic.

This is private business networking, social networking and dating for the world's most amazing people. A secret society where everyone has to keep the secret. As one person put it: "This is Small World meets Studio 54!"

The Diamond Lounge has been heavily influenced by the ultra-exclusive private clubs of the 80s and the somewhat 'retro' feel of the site will reflect this. It will be a beautiful, technically advanced and highly secure online world where the elite can get together out of view of everyone else.

Everything about the Diamond Lounge site will be luxurious and personal. Members will be able to create totally individual profiles that mirror their own personalities (and can work with our award winning designers on these if they choose to). They will be able to interact with other members using live video links and even utilise an array of business networking and collaboration tools. In addition, they will also be able to take the club everywhere with them (as the Diamond Lounge site will function on mobiles, PDAs and the iphone).

The Diamond Lounge will also have an incredible 'real life' element with members having exclusive access to some of the most lavish private parties and events ever staged. Expect to be very surprised!

A central focus of the Diamond Lounge is privacy. The owners of the club and those managing it won't divulge information about members or events to those outside the club. In fact, many of the events will be so secret that their exact locations won't even be published until the very last minute.

And members will also have to respect the privacy of others. Quite simply, who is the in the Diamond Lounge, and what happens in the Diamond Lounge, must stay in the Diamond Lounge!

To become a Diamond Lounge member, you must be successful, sophisticated and attractive and genuinely have something interesting to bring to the club. You can obtain membership either by being directly invited or by submitting an online application which can (but does not have to be) supported by a recommendation from a trusted existing member.

All decisions about who to accept for membership are taken by an anonymous, pre-appointed and representative Committee of 'elite' individuals. This Committee is external and none of the Diamond Lounge Management Team can influence their decisions.

Membership to the Diamond Lounge is reserved for the real elite. It is unashamedly difficult to obtain and is already being highly sought after.

If you have not been personally invited but fit the Membership Criteria, click here to apply to be accepted for membership.

As was the case with so many of the private clubs that inspired it, you will probably never know exactly who is behind the Diamond Lounge. It's all part of the secret!

Apply here.

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Anonymous said...

this is total crap? this website by no means looks exclusive. it just looks like one of those advertising littered tragic dating sites. yuk!

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.