A HumVee Even Treehuggers Will Love (or Chew On This Hummer by Heidi Hesse).

I stumbled upon this on the web and simply had to share it with you.

Hummers (Hum Vees) are very controversial (want proof? check out Fuck You And Your Hummer Too site here)

But who wouldn't love this HumVee? An art project By Heidi Hesse for Tuscon's Museum of Modern Art in 2004.

A brief description of the exhibit: Exporting Liberty

Heidi Hesse was born in Germany, grew up in South Africa and emigrated to the Unites States in 1982. Recently, Hesse began to investigate and contemplate the meaning and possibility of U. S. citizenship. She, as many an earnest emigre pursuing the American Dream has done before her, began to read the documents and stories associated with the founding of the United States of America. Through her investigations, Hesse began to identify a significant gap between the rhetoric of liberty embedded in our documents and our practice of ’ exporting liberty’ throughout the world.

Exporting Liberty is an examination of citizenship and its attendant responsibility. It is both a celebration of freedom and a critique of excess, an homage to democracy, and a warning that the comfort borne of privilege can breed a dangerous apathy...

Welcome to America. Would you like to supersize that?

Sugar Coated, 2004, [Exporting Liberty] By Heidi Hesse
This life-sized gum-ball covered HumVee comments on pop culture and reminds us of soldiers handing candy to children in far-flung countries at war with us.

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