Funky Find Of The Week: The ManGroomer

No More Hairy Backs

The Serious Advantages of MANGROOMER

* MANGROOMER is a one time purchase with one low cost.
* MANGROOMER is easy to use, lightweight and do-it-yourself.
* MANGROOMER's fully extendable and adjustable handle locks into place at various lengths to reach even the most difficult middle and lower portions of the back for men of all sizes.
* MANGROOMER has a large 1 ½ inch blade enabling you to shave large areas of your back with ease.
* MANGROOMER's cutting edge blade design enables extremely close and smooth results without the potential of ingrown hairs straight edge and foil shavers commonly cause.
* MANGROOMER let’s you rid yourself of unwanted back hair in the privacy of your own home – not some fancy / overpriced salon or spa.
* MANGROOMER is completely painless unlike waxing, laser or electrolysis.
* MANGROOMER folds to a neat compact size for discreet storage or travel.
* MANGROOMER enables you to shave your back whenever you feel you need it and is perfect for quick touch ups.

* Waxing hurts!
* Waxing rips the hair right out of your body.
* Need someone else to apply the wax and rip it off your back with your hair – ouch!
* Expensive! Usually costs between $40 - $80 a session and you may need 3 to 4 a month.
* Need to make appointments at salons or spas.
Cannot do it your self – how embarrassing…..

MANGROOMER vs. Chemicals
* Skin irritation and scarring may occur.
* Need someone else to apply chemical to your back.
* May have smell from chemicals.

MANGROOMER vs. Laser / Electrolysis
* Very Expensive!
* Cannot do it in your own home.
* Requires you to attend multiple treatments – no specified amount.
* Does not stop the growth of any new hair.
* No guarantee current hair growth will stop.
* Requires a professional to perform procedure.

Common Questions:
Can I use MANGROOMER by myself?
Yes, MANGROOMER is the essential "do-it-yourself electric back shaver." The unique design enables you to shave the entire surface of your back by yourself.
Do I have to buy additional replacement blades or accessories to use MANGROOMER?
No, only two AA batteries are needed.
Will shaving make my hair grow back thicker?
No, shaving does not make hair grow back thicker – that is merely a myth. Each individual’s genetics and hormone levels affect their hair growth.
Does shaving make your hair grow back darker?
No, hair color is also determined by an individual’s genetics and hormone levels.
Does MANGROOMER work for tall and large men?
Yes, MANGROOMER’s unique extendable handle enables most tall, large and less flexible men the capability to shave all areas of their back.
Does MANGROOMER take a lot of time to set up to use?
No, MANGROOMER goes from a compact, discreet flat stored position to an open optimal back shaving angle of 135 degrees in one smooth motion – ready for shaving!
How long does it take to shave your back with MANGROOMER?
The length of time will depend on how much hair you have and its thickness. MANGROOMER’s large 1 ½ inch blade covers a large surface area, while still remaining small enough to enable you to easily maneuver within different / difficult angles of the back.
When is the best time to shave my back?
The best time to shave your back is when it is clean and dry, usually before shower. Avoid shaving right after shower when skin is most sensitive and still retaining moisture.

Buy it here -only $39.99

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