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Hot Off The Presses & Hot On The Floor: Panasonic's Electric Rugs

Panasonic unveiled their new electric area rug, the “No-Constrainst Carpet” at the Tokyo Fiber exhibit describing it as an “innovative hot carpet with the warm, fuzzy appeal of a beloved pet.

The carpet’s luxurious coat of faux fur (available in white, brown, or skunk-like black and white) houses a set of smart heating elements that deliver warmth only to the areas you touch when you cuddle it. Squishy, flesh-like control switches modeled after the paw pads of your favorite furry friend enhance the carpet’s overall zoomorphic feel.

The roasty rug gets 114 degrees out of only 500 watts, and that's the highest setting. Having just moved up east, this sounds like a must-buy for the coming winter.

Unfortunately only available in japan right now, but I'm sure it won't be long before it's warming toes and feet here in the US.

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