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3D Designer Andrew Beaumont Mixes Ceramics & Woods In His Trapped Vases.

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An honours graduate in 3D design from the Univeristy of Plymouth, Andrew Beaumont uses digital technology along with his plaster mold casts to combine unusual materials and create strikingly original pieces. Mixing ceramics, earthenware and bone china with various woods, he has created a collection of 'trapped' vases and figurines unlike anything else you have likely seen before.

Below are many images from his impressive portfolio. I have also included some of his beautiful freehand sketches.

Black trapped earthenware vase with grey ceramic splash:

Trapped Vase (Bone China and Oak):

Trapped Vase (Earthenware and Tiger Oak):

Trapped Bear figurine (Bone China and Elm):

The Earbud Amplifiers (Ceramic and Oak):

Other pieces by Andrew Beaumont
Ceramic cups (produced by Muji):

Mini Pestle and Mortar (Bone China and Elm):

Bone china cloud vases:

Bone china salt and pepper bear shakers:

Bone china and wood roulette salad bowls:

Andrew Beaumont website


Joani Schofield said...

Very interesting stuff. I want a modified version of the trapped vase to use as bookends.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.

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