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Scooping Pop Culture. Ice Cream Flavors That Should Be.

What started out as a joke became one of the most popular projects illustrator for Jon DeFreest, aka Jonny Etc. Creating faux Ben and Jerry flavored Ice Creams for and then subsequently commissioned by other sites such as,, and, the Pop-Culture Pints continue to get giggles.

The faux ice creams are based on Pop Culture TV and movie characters as well as timely subjects and movements.

Walter White's Heisen-Brrr-g Crunch (Breaking Bad):

Tobias Funke's I Just Blue Myself (Arrested Development):

Roger Sterling's Sterling Scooper (Mad Men):

Dwight Schrute's Beet It (The Office):

Dexter Morgan's Miami Slice (Dexter):

Carl Spackler's Caddysnack (Caddyshack):

The Dude's Dude Food (The Big Lebowski):

Bobba Fett's Carbonite Crunch (Star Wars):

Ron Swanson's All Of The Bacon & Eggs You Have (Parks and Recreation):

OccuPie Wall Street:

Herman Cain's Harassmint Chocolate Chip:

The Ron Swanson ice cream received so much attention that Ben & Jerry's was forced to release an official statement informing the public that this was NOT a legitimate flavor.

all images courtesy of Jon DeFreest (Jonny Etc.)

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