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Urban Lace. The Softer Side of Street Art by Poland Artist NeSpoon.

NeSpoon, an artist from Warsaw, Poland works in several different mediums such as spray paint, concrete, macramé and ceramics, but almost always incorporates a lace pattern in her projects. She explains "What interests me in art is the expression of positive emotions. On the sensual level "Thoughts" are a study of delicacy."

Below are several images of her pretty 'graffiti' throughout the streets of Poland.

Her street graffiti adds a touch of elegance to otherwise cold dreary slabs of concrete, stepping stones, sides of houses and crumbling remains.

The Shrine
The project shown below, The Shrine, was created together with Maniac in Forty / Forty Gallery, Warsaw, Poland. It incorporates lace textures, lace sculptures and lace stencils.

NeSpoon on Behance

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