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Spring Cleaning! New Orla Kiely Designs For Method.

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This Spring, method, the hip San Francisco company that makes cleaning products for the home and personal care is once again collaborating with Irish textile and fashion designer Orla Kiely. Having previously produced limited edition products with the designer, the new spring line features four new graphic patterns from Orla combined with method's iconic bottle designs.

The limited edition collection shown above, said to hit stores next month, includes handwash, dish soap + all - purpose cleaner in a range of delightfully fresh scents.

Orla's previous limited editions for method include the Primrose and Vanilla Chai handwashes which are still available for purchase

Here's a little interview method conducted with Orla regarding this new line:

method: this collection features four new fragrances: tomato vine, white nectarine, honeysuckle and cloudburst. is there one in particular that puts an extra spring in your step?
Orla: I love the idea of tomato vine! it’s that fresh earthy smell you get when you walk into a greenhouse full of tomato plants. so, for me, to re-create this smell for everyday use in my home is just divine!

method: can you share the inspiration behind the patterns you chose for these bottles?
Orla: it’s always fun choosing prints that work with the fragrances. sometimes some of the prints are a more literal match, like our “oval spot” print that is used for tomato vine, whereas cloudburst was more about the color scheme, using sky blue with pops of color. our “multi flower spot” print lent itself perfectly to the honeysuckle fragrance, reminding us of those beautiful summer bunches of honeysuckle blossom. and white nectarine teamed up brilliantly with one of our newer prints called “wallflower spot,” which to us looks like nectarines growing on a tree.

method: what’s your favorite part of the design process?
Orla: it’s always very exciting when a print finally comes to life. after hours of tweaking the color and playing with the scale, it’s wonderful to see the end design really pop.

method: what do you enjoy most about collaborating with other brands?
Orla: we are very picky with who we collaborate with. it is important to me that both brands share a similar sense of fun, quality and integrity, and each share a mutual respect for what the other does. I think only then can it be truly exciting and creative process with an outcome we can all enjoy.

method: both of our brands are over a decade old. how do you keep things fresh year after year?
Orla: it’s so important to mix things up. I like to see new exhibitions and watch classic old films. I love books, both new and old, and have a growing library of fashion, art, architecture and everything in between. I always love to find new references and inspiration each season, and when mixed with what I love it’s always an exciting journey to see what is created.’

images courtesy of method and the dieline.

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