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Letter-pressing and Loteria Cards in Cedar Boxes Make For Stunning Wedding Invitations by Konnect Design.

Branding and design company Konnect Design, took the bride and groom's backgrounds and the the event venue into consideration when designing these beautiful and unique wedding invitations which include letter-pressing, elegant typography, loteria cards, reply cards and vintage stamps, packaged in a cedar box.

Union at the Union

She’s from East LA. He’s a gringo from the South Bay. When their worlds united it was truly meant to be, which made for an appropriate theme surrounding this couple’s big day.

Her Latin roots inspired the use of Loteria (Spanish Bingo) cards, as well as cedar boxes that Konnect Design of Santa Monica had custom made and shipped from the Dominican Republic. The boxes housed the letterpress invitation and reply cards (complete with vintage postage stamps) and also served as a nod to the cigar roller who would be entertaining the guests at the wedding reception.

Reply Cards:

The letter-pressed menus at the wedding were also designed by Konnect in keeping with the look of the invitations:

Since the couple was to be wed at the historic Union Station in downtown Los Angeles, it seemed more than fitting to title the piece, Union at the Union.

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The bride and groom are as beautiful as their invitations. Here they are in Argentina on their Honeymoon:
above image from Facebook

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