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Designer Marc Jacobs' First TV Spot and New Can Designs For Diet Coke.

If you hadn't yet heard, hunky tatted Marc Jacobs is Diet Coke's Creative Director for 2013.

Replacing Jean Paul Gaultier as the new creative director for Diet Coke, designer Marc Jacobs (shown above in stills from his first commercial for the brand) has created the ‘Sparkling Together For 30 Years’ campaign as the brand celebrates its milestone 30th Anniversary.

In the video below, Marc speaks about how he feels being appointed Diet Coke's new Creative Director for 2013:

The Can Designs
Marc Jacobs brings his unique vision to the brand, by creating a limited edition collection of new cans (shown below), uniting the stylish and light-hearted personalities of both icons. The Diet Coke Sparkling Together with Marc Jacobs limited edition collection will be available across North Western Europe & Nordics from March 2013.

Inspired by the three decades, the chic designs capture the rise of female empowerment through the ‘80s, ‘90s, ‘00s, with a whimsical twist - true to Jacobs’ signature style.

The TV Commercial

His first commercial for the brand, Photo Booth, stars himself and takes place in a gallery, where the designer is obscured inside a photo booth, with items of clothing falling to the floor – only his trademark kilt is visible. Three girlfriends are attracted by the commotion of flashbulbs and investigate, to find out who the bare-legged man could be. The curtain is pulled open, revealing a shirtless Marc Jacobs, having his very own Diet Coke moment in the booth and invites the girls into the booth to celebrate the occasion:

Some 'Behind The Scenes' photos from the commercial shoot:

Little factoids about Diet Coke:
•Diet Coke is the world’s #1 diet soft drink
•It has a global value of over $11 billion
•It is sold in 167 markets
•A total of 2.7 billion people in Europe have consumed Diet Coke since its launch in 1983
• Over 7 billion people have enjoyed 336 billion litres of Diet Coke globally over the past three decades

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