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Capturing Summer In Paintings Of Lawn Chairs. Contemporary Realism and Impressionism by Cindy Rizza.

above: Cindy Rizza, 1972-2, Blue Stripe, Nonni, Peter, Pink Stripe, Uncle Bert, Harriet, Life Gives you Lemons, Yellow Chair, 1972, Flamingo, Pink Zig-Zig, Green Zig Zag, Rosa, Happy hour, *all sold

It's been awhile since I posted a new artist's paintings of chairs, one of my personal favorite subjects. That said, these empty lawn chairs by Cindy Rizza are the perfect way to bring some warmth to the blog during this cold winter. Beckoning to be sat upon, her oil paintings of outdoor folding and yard chairs echo the longing for summer afternoons.

August 4:32, oil on panel. 12” x 12” and August 5:04, oil on panel. 12” x 12” (both sold):

Her relatively small paintings of chairs are done in both a loose impressionistic style and in a realism style.

The Lightest Part of the Dark No. 1-12, oil on panels . All 5” x 5” (all sold):

Dottie, Connie, Eugene, Nora, Phyllis, Willie, Walter and Roy, all 5" x 5" (all sold):

Some of her 5" x 5" paintings from Quiet Memory, a show at the Three Graces Gallery:

Lawn, diptych, oil on canvas. 20” x 36” (sold):

Silver Lake, oil on panel. 9” x 12”:

Summer’s End, oil on panel. 8” x 10”:

Summer’s End II, oil on panel. 12” x 16”:

Overshadow, oil on canvas. 22” x 30”:

images courtesy of the artist and Three Graces Gallery

Cindy, who lives and works in New Hampshire, is represented by the following galleries:

Bowersock Gallery
Provincetown, MA
Mount Dora, FL

Three Graces Gallery
Portsmouth, NH

Peterborough, NH

For more information on pricing and availability please contact Cindy.

Cindy Rizza

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