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Custom Built Vintage-Style Beach Cruiser & Cool Kid's Tricycle by James Perse

A few cool sets of wheels from fashion and furniture designer James Perse. Each available in four colors, the design of both the beach cruiser and trike combine a retro look with a luxury style. Both bikes are available in matte black, olive green, orange and ivory.


Originally popularized in the '50s and '60s, the Beach Cruiser is known for its stylistic fat tires that can handle sand, wide-style handlebars and coaster brakes. Its form and function has made it a fixture in Southern California.

Combining a vintage style with a modern look, the James Perse Cruiser blends comfort with sleek form. Each James Perse Cruiser is custom built and includes a limited edition serial number. A limited supply is available now.

Features include: Hydroform steel frame, billet aluminum stem, hand-aged leather seat and grips, triple-clamp fork, extra large aluminum sprocket, extra wide 2" rims and 2.125" tires, 1 speed coaster brake hub and a limited edition serial number tag.

Available at select stores. Find one near you.


The James Perse Tricycle is a 1970's inspired design. Custom made with an extra low profile. Construction made with heavy duty steel and powder coated for superior chip resistance. Attached deck is made of teak wood.

Recommended age:
1 ½ to 4 years old (80 lbs)
Recommended height:
26" to 38"

The Tricycle is presently sold out, but for future orders contact

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