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Dissections by Angela Christine Smith Combine Photography, Ink and A Sense of Self.

Photographer and artist Angela Christine Smith has this series of five works in a project called Dissections which feature herself, her silver gelatin photography and her inked overlay anatomical illustrations, combined for a compelling effect.

detail from above piece:

A graduate of SCAD, Angela now lives in Ohio and is a self-employed artist and adjunct professor in mass media, digital photography and mulitmedia production at Central Ohio Technical College.

In her own words:
"Through my extensive photographic practice and experience I intend to be enthusiastically committed to the advancement of photographic education, dialog, and my own personal artistic endeavors."

Angela Christine Smith

When you get a chance, take a look at her sketchbook project for Art House co-op. It's wonderful and filled with her musings, photos and anatomical drawings.

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