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New Polka Organic Snail and Sturgeon Caviar Has Beautiful Branding and Pretty Packaging.

A new organic artisan caviar out of Amsterdam named Polka has recently launched with lovely brand identity, photography, packaging design and advertising by art director and photographer Joost van Brug who owns the Amsterdam agency Reluct.

The name Polka Caviar, was named after Polkadots, which technically are described as a series of the same sized dots equally distributed - not unlike the caviar itself. The packaging is clad in tins with black and white lids that feature the logo design and embossed dots.

The black and white polka dot nesting dolls display for the brand reference Russia (commonly associated with fine caviar) and their iconic Matryoshkas.

The caviar is available in two types, Snail (the white eggs) and Sturgeon (the black eggs), which are raised under friendly biological conditions. The results are eggs containing no pesticides or preservatives. The entire process is certified organic.

Organic Caviar D'Escargot:

above: Available in the following sizes: 20, 30, 50 en 100 g

Organic Caviar (Sturgeon):

above: Available in the following sizes: 30, 50, 100 and 250 g

above: Andrew Nicholls preparing a blini with Polka Organic Sturgeon Caviar at Vesper bar

In the video below, Andrew Nicholls, founder of Barcheaology, shows how to make a Polka cocktail that pairs perfectly with Polka's organic caviar.

2 oz bishkek vodka
1/2 oz d.o.m. benedictine
1/4 oz saffron gin
1/2 spoon of absinth
lemon zest

For sales info: Contact eerlijk-eten

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