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Add A Steampunk Edge To Your Lighting With Nostalgic Bulbs Like These Artists Did.

For those who love Nixie Clocks, Steampunk and Vintage lighting, Bulbrite's Nostalgic collection of Edison-like light bubs with creative filament designs is a great creative resource for personal projects or simply some retro home decor.

The Bulbs

Meticulously crafted to preserve the look of early 20th-century lighting, Bulbrite’s Nostalgic collection is the most extensive in the industry and is perfect for any vintage or contemporary décor. Consisting of four series and nine bulbs, they give off a warm amber glow in various wattages.





Included in the Nostalgic line of products are the Spiral T14, Thread T14, ST18 and G30, Hairpin T9, ST18, as well as the Loop A19, A21 and A23. Each lamp has an E26 base, a life of 3,000 hours and gives off a warm, amber glow. The T14, Thread ST18 and G30 lamps are offered in 40-watts, the Hairpin T9 lamp is offered in 20-watt and the Loop A19, A21 and A23 are offered in 25- and 40-watt styles.

Recognized for their antique finish, defined steeple and intricate filament design, these lamps are ideal for any transparent light fixture, both indoor and outdoor. They are compatible with a 120-volt system and are most commonly used in chandeliers, portables, ceiling fixtures, signage/displays and outdoor/security lighting.

ReTech and Wolf Art Glass
Artists like glassblower Dean Wolf of Wolf Art Glass and ReTech have used the bulbs beautifully in their own unique pieces. Take a look at their work below.


ReTech lighting and objects made with reclaimed materials

Wolf Art Glass:

Wolf Art Glass & Pottery

A vintage-inspired suitcase counter display is offered from Bulbrite to showcase any four Nostalgic lamps from this cool collection. I'd love it just for display in my home!

Bulbrite Nostalgic Collection

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