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AMG's $16,500 Viella 12 Turntable and Tonearm For Serious Audiophiles.

If you've got some serious respect for vinyl, the precision engineered AMG Viella 12 (aka “V12”) turntable may be the next piece of high end audio equipment for you. Of course it'll cost you - at $16,500 with the 12" tonearm and $13,500 without the tonearm.

With all the machining custom done in Munich, precision engineering and classic design are embodied in the first turntable from AMG (Analog Manufaktur Germany, formerly Benz AMG). The AMG turntable line was created by a group of audio industry experts to advance the art of vinyl playback.

Werner Roeschlau, designer and driving force behind AMG, works with his son and other master machinists at their bespoke multi-story Bavarian factory located north of Munich. All machining is done in house, combining the latest Computer Aided Design and CNC machines with “classic analog” tools including custom lathes and drill presses. Their factory has been manufacturing key, precision parts for some of the world's most highly regarded turntables for over a decade. This expertise in the design and manufacture of turntables led to the AMG line, premiering with the Viella 12.

Technical Specifications

Viella Turntable Plinth:
CNC machined in house using 25mm aircraft grade aluminum
3 adjustable and retractable steel-copper spikes in aluminum feet
Built-in spirit level
Optional hardwood trim

Viella Turntable Platter Bearing:
Hardened 16mm axle bearing, CNC machined, ground and lapped Two sealed, hydro-dynamically lubricated radial bearings with axial bearings featuring static lubrication.
Stainless steel sub-platter interfaces with 24.25 lbs (11Kg) platter

Viella Turntable Platter:
Decoupled spindle, 2 piece construction
CNC machined in house using aircraft grade aluminum
Weighted rim for enhanced flywheel effect
12.5 “ (318mm) diameter, 24.25 lbs (11Kg) weight

Viella Turntable Platter Clamp:
True reflex style, anodized aluminum, inverted threaded attachment to decoupled spindle

Viella Turntable Tonearm Board:
Detachable high mass tonearm board, pre-drilled for AMG and Graham tonearms

Viella Turntable Motor:
Lorenzi 2 pulse, low-speed brushless, precision 24v DC motor with auxiliary reluctance moment; sintered bronze bearings; cured and polished axis; and heavy flywheel. Motor housing acoustically decoupled from plinth via 5 rubber/metal mounts.

33.3, 45, and 78 speeds with electronic on/off, speed change, and speed fine adjust.

Outboard Motor Power Supply with specific transformer for appropriate mains voltage and detachable IEC power cord

Viella Turntable Belt Drive:
Stainless steel weighted and polished drive-belt pulley.
Precision made rubber belt.

Viella 12” tonearm

BEARING: Dual-pivot design replaces the standard gimbaled bearing. Vertical bearing, similar to technique used in the rotor heads of helicopters, uses two 0.5mm thick “spring steel wires”, allowing fine azimuth adjustment while eliminating play. Horizontal axle is hardened tool steel, precision ground to a backlash-free fit with a needle roller bearing. It is extremely precise, maintenance free, and never requiring adjustment.

ARMWAND: Aircraft quality, anodized aluminum tube for resonance control, 12 gram effective mass

COUNTERWEIGHT: Two piece with Teflon decoupled sleeve

COPPER INTERNAL WIRING: Multiple gauges of high quality copper

MAGNETIC ANTI-SKATING: decoupled via a ring magnet and 2 bar magnets. Magnetic fields isolated in our patented bearing housing.

VTA: precision locking system allowing easy adjustment during play.

A special thanks to Chase Madrid for bringing this to my attention.

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