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Modern Fossils : Short Lived Tech from the 80s and 90s Immortalized In Concrete.

Cassettes, Nintendo controllers, Motorola cell phones, Floppy Disks, Sony Walkmans, Boomboxes, 8 Track Tapes and Rotary phones are among the cement hand-cast 'modern fossils' by artist Christopher Locke of Austin, Texas.

Using a special process, these items - which are given humorous Latin names- are reproduced in a proprietary blend of concrete and other secret ingredients, giving them the look and feel of real stone fossils. Each fossil is made one at a time, by hand, in an individual mold and available for purchase from the artist. As you will notice, colors vary.

Modern Fossils as described by Christopher Locke (aka Heartless Machines):
These are modern fossils. They are made from actual archaic technology that was once cutting-edge. Most of these examples were discovered in the United States, although the various species are represented all over the world. It is sad, but most of these units lived very short lives. Most people attribute the shortened lifespan to aggressive predators or accelerated evolution, but this is not necessarily true. It has been shown recently that the true demise of most of these specimens came from runaway consumerism and wastefulness at the high end of the food chain.

Hilarofustis atarium (commonly referred to as the Atari Joystick):

Dominaludus supernintendicus (commonly referred to as the Supernintendo Controller or "SNES"):

Asportatio octoamatis (commonly referred to as the 8 track tape):

Ludustatarium temperosony (Commonly referred to as "Playstation controller" or "Dual Shock"):

Deferovoculae circumdactylos (commonly referred to as the Rotary dial telephone, or rotary phone):

Deferovoculae cellarius (commonly referred to as "Cellular Phone" or "Cellphone") This particular example is a "Motorola Meteor":

Bombus colaphus (commonly referred to as "Boom Box" or "Ghetto Blaster"):

Egosiliqua malusymphonicus (commonly referred to as the iPod):

Ambulephebus sonysymphonia (commonly referred to as the Walkman):

Asportatio acroamatis (commonly referred to as the Cassette Tape):

Repondicium antiquipotacium (commonly referred to as the 3.5 inch floppy disc):

Dexteludicrum repuerasco (commonly referred to as Game Boy):

Dominaludus nintendicus (commonly referred to as the Nintendo Controller):

Dominaludus sexagentaquad (commonly referred to as the Nintendo 64 Controller or "N64"):

Anaticula persequor (commonly referred to as the Nintendo Zapper or Duck Hunt Gun):

Below is a "hive" of original NES parts. One Anaticula persequor in the middle, surrounded by five examples of Dominaludus nintendicus, with a fragment of Dexteludicrum repuerasco near the top. This is the only one of its kind:

Because of the hand-made nature of the item, there will be variations in pigmentation, and small imperfections in the surface. While you can choose a general color range, please keep in mind that each fossil is unique, and color variations are inevitable.

Each "species" of modern fossil has a Latin name marked on the bottom or back, and can be shipped straight to your door. Lead times vary.

Some of these fossils would not have been possible without the generous help and support from the Austin Computer Works. They are saving our planet, one mouse at a time. Many of the original specimens were loaned to me mid-stream in their recycling program. The items are fossilized and returned, so they can be recycled. There is absolutely zero e-waste from these fossils, thanks to the Austin Computer Works. Some pieces are also on display at their museum.

About Christopher Locke aka Heartless Machines:
Christopher graduated from the George Washington University with a degree in fine arts, specializing in sculpture. He's very passionate about creating, and says that he feels like sculpture is his purpose. On his site, there are a few things expressly noted as collaborations with Howard Connelly Designs, but everything else is his own work, of his own design, and made on his own time for his own satisfaction. Nothing there has been backed by a corporate sponsor. It's all one-of-a-kind, and comes straight from his soul.

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