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Sleek, Solar, Sexy and Super High Tech. The Latest Images of The Code-X Yacht.

The "CODE-X Yacht" was featured in its early stages on just about every design blog years ago. Since then, it's actually come to reality and I wanted to share the latest images of the "Next Generation CODE-X Yacht" with you. (Info, specs and earlier images of the yacht are after the newest photos).

CODE-X AG and SILICON-FIRE AG bring drive technology to a new level with the Next Generation CODE-X Yacht.

From the Code-X site:
CODE-X AG, the swiss company based in Meggen on Lake Lucerne, started with the goal of developing products with maximum exclusivity that use renewable energy sources to serve a common good in the mid to long term and serial production maturity subsequent to further development.

These high-end products with added value go far beyond the common perception of luxury goods. The brand represents well developed and technologically exceptional concepts and products which have an obligation to the environment. They also give their buyers a role as pioneer and frontrunner on the path to a cleaner, more environmentally friendly future.

The CODE-X-YACHT is the first product to celebrate its world premiere this year with a synthesis of solar technology and Formula 1 engines meeting the highest standards.

Early photos:


The uncompromisingly designed yacht, built by international leading experts, symbolises a dream come true.

CODE-X unites radical purism, the optimal benefit of renewable energy and the sheer power of a racing machine in one boat.

A flexible solar hybrid propulsion system enables both quiet, environmentally friendly cruising in ports and coastal areas as well as the pleasure of high speeds on open waters!

deck layout:

Interior layout:


2 x Ilmor marine combustion engines MV10-710
Configuration : 90 degree V 10
Horsepower : 2 x 710 HP
Torque : 882 Nm @ 4800 rpm
Full throttle rpm range: 5400 - 6300
Capacity: 2 x 8.3 liters
Performance: 90 kn
2 x electric engines

Source of Energy:
Fossil fuel (2 tanks)

Length: 47ft 7in (14.50m)
Engine: Twin 710hp Ilmor engines and twin electric/solar drives
Top speed: 90 knots
Price: On application

Motor Boat & Yachting had this to say about it:
The Code-X presents the helmsman with a terrible ethical dilemma. You can either use the environmentally impeccable solar/hybrid drive, which gives a cruising speed of just a few knots, or you can turn the key on twin 710hp Ilmor engines, combined with ZF Trimax propeller drives, for a considerably sexier but not-quite-so-green 90 knots. Despite MBY's heartfelt commitment to combating global warming, we know which we'd chose.

Either way, this ultra-modern machine is a far cry from the electric plodders occasionally seen on the UK's rivers and canals. Controlled throughout by touch screen, the Swiss design boasts a Kevlar/carbon shell with phototropic-shaded screens and windows, one of which raises to let the cocooned passengers, or should that be astronauts, out into the fresh air.

Inside an LED illumination system "ensures optimal night viewing" and there is solar-powered air-con and a whirlpool bath. Don't worry if you think all that black carbon is going to heat up in the Med sunshine: the deck is UV-resistant with a heat-repellent shell and you can opt for a lighter shade hull.

Code-X are also lining up a new racing series called Formula Clean. They will manufacture, at their own expense and parallel to the production of the limited Code-X leisure series, another fleet of seven boats carrying only renewable energy. Sounds like quite a fun way to save the planet.

Naumatthalde 9 & 11
CH-6045 Meggen

Phone +41 41 378 09 88
Fax +41 41 378 09 89

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