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Django Unchained: The Official Teaser Poster, 20 Great Fan Posters and a look at the 1966 Django Movie Posters.

The official teaser movie artwork and poster designed by BLT Communications for Quentin Tarantino's "Southern" (don't call it a Western), Django Unchained, has been released.

The stylized graphic poster resembles those by the magnificent Saul Bass (whose West Side Story, Anatomy of A Murder and Vertigo movie posters are shown below) with its minimal color ink and flat two dimensional imagery.

The movie has inspired many designers and artists to create some of their own. I have compiled a large gallery of fan posters by scouring some of the best-known artist portfolio sites on the web, such as Society6, Deviant Art and Behance and other individual sites to share them with you. I've even included credits and links to purchase them as art prints, where available, for you.

by Joel Amat Guell:

by Deep Search (Society6):

by Luis Fernando Cruz (Society6):

By John Houzer Smith:

Three beautiful versions by Italian graphic designer Federico Mancuso:

by John Patten:

by Dcomp (Deviant Art):

by Fluidzen (DeviantArt):

by Shokxone-Stdios (DeviantArt):

by DazTibbles(DeviantArt):

by Crusty Dog (DeviantArt):

by BaoThao (DeviantArt):

by Ninjaiworks (DeviantArt) and on Behance:

by herbertroy (DeviantArt):

by N8MA (DeviantArt):

by Daniel of the UK's Screenhopping site:

by Jamie:

Here was an older poster design by an unknown artist made prior to actor Joseph Gordon Levitt having to pull out of the film:

While Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained (scheduled for release on December 25, 2012) isn't a remake of the 1966 Django Western starring Franco Nero, it is in the "shoot-em-up" genre of Spaghetti Westerns and comparing the new posters to the 1966 movie posters is very interesting - especially given the 'retro' Saul Bass-like design of the official 2012 movie poster.

1966 International Movie Posters for Django and some subsequent sequels:



Italian (left) and Yugoslavian (right):


German DVD version:

A special thanks to all posters and the movie poster shop for the vintage poster images

Since the movie isn't scheduled for release until about six months from now, I'm sure we'll be seeing many more fabulous non-official posters for Django Unchained - and I intend to keep you updated.

The Official Django Unchained Movie Site

See all Int'l versions of the official teaser poster here.

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