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New Sport Plates For Interactive Food Fun By Designer Boguslaw Sliwiński.

You may have seen his wonderful and whimsical Transportation Plates (shown at the end of this post) on some other design blogs such as Dezeen. Now, in addition to those, designer Boguslaw Sliwiński has come up with five new designs that feature a silhouette of a man in various athletic positions, giving the illusion of interacting with food placed on the plate. The five sports: football, skydiving, diving, tug of war and weightlifting are whimsical, but still stylish and will delight children and adults alike.

The method of application is extremely durable and resistant to washing in dishwashers or using in the microwave. This durability is guaranteed by the firing ceramic components in the furnace at a temperature of 800 °C.

Sport9 (Skydiving):

Sport4 (Soccer/Football):

Sport5 (Diving):

Sport7 (Weightlifting):

Sport8 (Tug o' War):

Also worth noting is his Face On plate:

His various Face On plates (several different designs) can be purchased here at Art Syndicate

And if you never saw the Transportation Plates, those are shown below:

The Transportation Plates can be purchased here at Art Syndicate

To order any of the new Sport plates (each measuring 26 cm in diameter) you have to contact the designer directly.

Phone order: +48 502 946 920
email: sale@bsliwinski

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