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Vidal Sassoon Dies But His Cuts Live On. A Look At The Hair Master's Muses And Styles.

vidal sassoon tribute

above: Vidal Sassoon with some of his models donning his famous cuts

"My idea was to cut shape into the hair, to use it like fabric and take away everything that was superfluous." - Vidal Sassoon

Legendary Hair Stylist Vidal Sassoon has passed away at the age of 84 at his Mullholland Estate in Los Angeles, after a rumored battle with Leukemia.

He changed the lives and looks of women everywhere with his 1960's geometric cuts that allowed women to spend less time on their appearance and still look fabulous.

above: Sassoon cuts Mia Farrow's Hair for her role in Roman Polanski's Rosemary's Baby

He shocked the world when he chopped off actress Mia Farrow's hair in 1967 for the movie Rosemary's Baby and gave her the pixie still worn by many actresses today such as Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan, Gennifer Goodwin, Alyssa Milano and Victoria Beckham:

With muses like Vogue editor Grace Coddington, Fashion designer Mary Quant, 60's Model Twiggy, Actresses Mia Farrow, Nancy Kwan, Carol Channing, and more, his status grew to legendary proportions.

With Carol Channing:

With Mia Farrow:

With Mary Quant:

With Grace Coddington:

And a few famous women sporting his cuts:

Peggy Moffitt:


Mia Farrow:

Grace Coddington:

The Pixie Cut, the Five Point Bob, The Box Bob, The Inverted Bob, the Long Bob, The Asymmetrical Bob, The Quiff Bob, The Acute Angle cut are just a few of the styles he made famous and are still popular today.

The Quiff Bob:

The Five Point Bob:

The Acute Angle Cut:

The Inverted Bob:

The Asymmetrical Bob:

The Box Bob:

The Long Inverted Bob:

The Long Bob:

Vidal Sassoon continues to have a profound influence on hairstyles and hair dressers and his work will live on forever. His legacy includes, in addition to the haircuts, a full line of Vidal Sassoon products, an autobiography and a book.

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