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Fictional Magazine Covers Combine Retro Superheroes and Pin-Up Girls.

 Superhero Pin Up Girls

Illustrator Des Taylor, who has a self-professed obsession with retro film and 50's pin-up girls, combined these interests to come up with a collection of fictional magazine covers.

Des Taylor Superhero Pin-Ups

His LIVE covers are a fictional magazine company he created that covers stories surrounding the people in and around the heroes of yesteryear. Superheroes, their romantic interests and their sidekicks are featured on faux issues dating back to the 50s, 60s and 70s.

The works will be showcased at KAPOW! London comic convention. Des claims that if he has the time, he'll do the Marvel Boys to finish off the set.

See more of his work at his blog and buy prints or originals here

a special shoutout to Joe Gaulzetti for bringing these to my attention.

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