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The Skull Workstation Is One Funky Fiberglass Office Pod From Atelier van Lieshout.

The AVL (Atelier van Lieshout) Skull is a strikingly designed one-person workstation made of a polyester fiberglass shell with a built in wooden bench and desktop on the interior.

The object shows unmistakeable resemblance to the so-called Skull Rooms that Atelier van Leishout designed at the end of the nineties. This is from the same designer who also brought us the Wellness Skull and the Sensory Deprivation Skull. The AVL Skull is build out of two polyester skull parts, which are ‘riveted’ to each other with bolts.

On the inside a solid wood work surface and a seat have been mounted, which are accessible via a small opening in the one side.

Once inside, the user is closed off from the outside world, just like in the Skull Rooms, and can work on tasks that require more concentration. The light falls inside through a narrow entrance and a ‘porthole’ on the other side.

Dimensions: h174cm x 169cm x 178cm
Price: € 7.203

Available colors:
Beige / Beige RAL 1001
Bruin beige / Brown beige RAL 1011
Pastel licht roze / Pastel pink RAL 3015
Pastel violet / paste violet RAL 4009
Pastel blauw / pastel blue RAL 5024
Ivoor / Ivory RAL 1013
Lichtgrijs / Light grey RAL 7035
Diep zwart /Black Pastel RAL 9005
groen / Pastel green RAL 6019

About The Designer:

Joep van Lieshout of AVL is one of the most successful and best-selling artists in the Netherlands. He is known for its huge 'human' objects of colored polyester, like a womb, a penis or intestines. Van Lieshout was born in Brabant (1963, Ravenstein) but AVL studio is located in Rotterdam.

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