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Denmark Home For Architect Jesper Brask Is Made From 150 Local Trees and Kolumbia Tiles.

Both New Zealand's Elle Decoration magazine and the Stylepark website have featured small glimpses of this beautiful weekend house located on the Kattegat Fjord in Denmark designed and developed by architect Jesper Brask of Brask & Leonhardt for himself. Intrigued by the design, I searched for more images of both the exterior and interior and after much digging, found them.

The home was called the Tree House in the July, 2011 issue of New Zealand Elle Decor and the article mentioned how Brask harvested 150 trees from the very forest in which the home was constructed, cut them into raw beams and left them to dry for three years before beginning to build his long-awaited holiday home.

Stylepark features the home in an article about the "Kolumba" tiles used as building materials. The Stylepark article states that it took two years for a Finnish carpenter to erect the house's wooden structure using only wooden dowels; no screws. The living area is on the ground floor, with a column in the center combining the fireplace and kitchen island.

A large chimney core made of "Kolumba" tiles is now the architectural centerpiece and the anchorage to the plot of land. On the outward-facing side there is a fireplace for cooler days, while inside, where the chimney dominates the interior design, it has a work surface for preparing food and is at once a stove and airless oven. Brask was looking for a suitable material himself to serve as a harmonious counterpoint to the dominant spruce when he came across Petersen's "Kolumba" tiles in an architecture magazine.

"I wanted a stone of the same size and with the same surface effect, and so I visited the brickworks, which, together with the architects Lundgaard and Tranberg had just developed a new version of the "Kolumba" tile for the theater in Copenhagen. "Kolumba" was available in two versions then, but I wanted a stone that looked like another stone from the Petersen range. The brickworks obliged and produced a new version in yellow, English clay: The tiles are shaped and painted with white clay paste by hand before they are dried and fired. The result: light colors and a very special transparency, which blends harmoniously with the light, untreated spruce wood."

images courtesy of Brask & Leonhardt, Stylepark (by Anders Sune Berg), and Elle Decoration

Petersen's Kolumbia tiles can be found here

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