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Go on, Take It Lying Down. The Horizontal Shower With Ambience Tuning Technology.

Dornbracht presents an expansion of their groundbreaking shower technology, Ambiance Tuning Technique, through the addition of a new application: the Horizontal Shower. With the Horizontal Shower, for the first time showering with the Ambiance Tuning Technique can be enjoyed lying down.

The application combines six water bars recessed into a broad shower field above a reclining space, along with an eTOOL as the main operating element.

Just as with vertical shower, the horizontal shower the user can also choose from among a variety of pre-programmed choreographies, offering a range of settings for water temperature, intensity and quantity. The user can decide between Balancing, Energizing or De-Stressing effects.

These pre-programmed choreographies combine temperatures and volumes of water at the different outlet points and enhance your individual bathroom rituals. The outlet points can be combined in various ways within the system architecture. There is a central control element for operation, the eTOOL.

The eTOOL:

The innovative control panel eTOOL is optimally incorporated into the overall appearance thanks to its minimalist design, while at the same time offering the greatest operating comfort. All the basic functions can be immediately accessed by pressing the appropriate button once. A ring of light around the appropriate button provides intuitive feedback when the flow rate and the temperature are changed.

all images courtesy of Dornbracht


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