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Smart Baby Monitor Works with iPhone or iPad. The Only Thing It Doesn't Do Is Change Diapers.

The Smart Baby Monitor from Withings is truly a game changing device for new moms and dads. Sleek in design and compact in size, it's packed with the latest technological features that will put any nervous parent at ease.

It's design looks very "apple" with its touch screen interface and it can be used to monitor your baby wirelessly with your iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Bluetooth.

The Smart Baby Monitor has a high resolution screen (zoom, pan tilt and night vision), crystal clear sound, detects movement and noise, has sensors to monitor the temperature and humidity in the room, can send you four different types of alerts, a built in loudspeaker to play lullabies (you control the volume), controllable LED color changing light acts as a soothing night light and it's rechargeable with an included USB cable.

Works on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch:

Night Vision and History:

Alerts you to noise, temperature and activity:

Monitors room temperature and humidity ( Farenheit or Celsius):

Plays your choice of lullaby (you control the volume, too):

Color Changing LED nightlight:

The Monitor comes with a free iOS application available from the App Store: compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and 3 accounts can access the Smart Baby Monitor simultaneously, so both parents and a nanny can all be watching baby, if need be.

Languages available: EN, FR, DE, ES & IT

It does more, too. Get all the details here.

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