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"I'm With Stupid" - Inspired Fashion Collection for Women by Designer Antoine Peters.

Fashion designer Antoine Peters has created a line of fashions for women based on the classic 'I'm With Stupid' novelty t-shirt. Gowns, pants, blouses, coats, sweaters, jackets, even boots and purses, take the concept and turn it into an irreverent but fashionable take on the sophomoric saying and image.

Adding even more humor to the tongue-in-cheek line are the "peace sign" fingers headgear the models sported as they walked down the runway, emulating the juvenile gesture many make in photographs.

Peters describes the concept for the collection as follows:
"I'm With Stupid" is a humorous insult which is best known printed on novelty T-shirts, expressing that a person in the direction of an arrow is 'stupid'. Together with the lack of self-mockery this inspired a collection full off 'plays with directions' in fabric-draping, pattern-cutting, print-design and fast (negative) judgements.

above: some examples of Classic "I'm With Stupid" T-shirts

The airyness of concept, and literally in the clothes itself, is emphasized by arrows which are visible in print-design and styling. However, these arrows are also a substantial part of the construction, silhouettes and details within the clothes, which isn't visible (at first sight).

Video of the runway show:

all images courtesy of the designer

Antoine Peters

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