Huggalos Offer The Comfort Of A Parents' Presence In Cute Cozy Characters.

There's no better way to ease your child's anxiety than to let them carry you around with them wherever they go. But chances are you're a busy parent who, sadly, cannot fit into their pocket. However, you can fit a photo of yourself and any loved one into an adorable plush character called a Huggalo.

Available in nine lovable styles, these cozy fleece dolls are outfitted with a protective pocket into which you can place a photo of your choice (or a drawing or love letter), giving your child the comfort of your presence without actually being there.

Created in the likenesses of Ballerinas, Superheroes, Monkeys, Mermaids, Pirates, Ninjas, DIY dolls (for autographs and doodles), even male and female War Heroes, Huggalos will undoubtedly become your child's best friend.

Huggsley (front and back):

Huggabelle (front and back):

Camo Joe (front and back):

close-up of Camo Joe:

Camo Flo (front and back):

High Seas Harry (front and back):

Mermaid (front and back):

Monkey (front and back):

Ninja (front and back):

The Autograph (or Doodle Doll) allows you to customize it:

Huggalos Give Back!

Want to donate a Huggalo? When you donate a Doodle Doll to Children's Hospital Los Angeles, you are giving a patient undergoing treatment their very own therapeutic doll. Doodle Dolls help patients keep a photo of their family close by. Kids can draw doodles and make connections with their doctors and visitors by collecting signatures and good wishes on their very own doll.

Purchasing a Huggalo doll also supports our soldiers. REDORB has been supporting the Soldier’s Project since its founding. For every Brave Little Trooper you buy REDORB will donate 20% to the Soldiers Project.

Who's behind Huggalo?

The keepsake from RedOrb Concepts was invented by Donna Broder (shown above) to help her son, Noah, who was less than thrilled at the idea of pre-school. After what should have been first day jitters extended to weeks, Donna knew she had to get creative. Donna was inspired to create a product that would help Noah through this transition and help her leave the pre-school yard without both of them in tears. Donna gave Noah a photo to take with him to school, but the photo was soon torn. She thought, why not create something soft and huggable that you can take along to school or a play date? Thus the first Huggalo was born! Donna told Noah, missing someone you love is hard, but a Huggalo makes it a little softer.

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