Fishbowl Shaped Like A World Map Is A Trip For Goldfish.

Designboom (who promoted the design competition) featured this fabulous fish tank concept, World Trip, which won a 2012 TIFF award. The clear acrylic tank was designed by Takuro Yamamoto and is made to emulate a world map through which the little fish can meander.

all images courtesy of Designboom

TIFF Award 2012 will be celebrating the refined beauty and luxury of Thai homes and their outdoor lifestyle, the finest indoor/outdoor furniture and home decor accessories made in Thailand for the international market and unique leisure experiences in which aesthetics and environmentalism share equal space.

learn more about the TIFF Awards here

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Condos Downtown Austin said...

Stunning work of art! This is just the perfect thing you need to decorate luxury condos. Designer aquariums at its best. Love the idea of the world map and those fishes going around it. No wonder the Mr. Yamamoto won in that competition. I can totally imagine the fish tank between the living room and the dining area.


C'mon people, it's only a dollar.