Wonderful Saul Bass Inspired Video For Louis Vuitton 2012 Summer Belt Collection.

As a huge fan of Saul Bass, I was thrilled to come across lovely animated piece of web content for Louis Vuitton. Directed by illustrator/animator Jo Ratcliffe, this fabulous Saul Bass-inspired animated video is promoting the luxury brand's 2012 Summer Belt Collection.

LV describes the project as follows:
As the major point of focus on a human silhouette accentuating the waist, belts could be considered the most essential accessory. They were decorative and mainly associated with the military in past days. However, as a fashion item in modern times, men started wearing belts in the 1920s as trouser waists fell to a lower line. Louis Vuitton has been making belts since the 1930s as both a fashion accessory and necessary yet basic addition to trousers. Here artist Jo Ratcliffe showcases Louis Vuitton’s latest collection in this Saul Bass detective style animation. Fasten your belts!

Director: Jo Ratcliffe
Animation and Production: Minivegas
Music Supervisor: Rebeca Ann Toledo, Dust Music Supervision of Norway

Louis Vuitton


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