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Blood Concept. Four New Unisex Fragrances Based On Blood Types.

Founded in Italy by Giovanni Castelli and Antonio Zuddas (shown below), Blood Concept is a collection of four different fragrances dictated by blood types.

The website says "Filled with legends and meanings, blood is soaked with mystery‚ fascination and respect. it’s the most tested and studied part of human body and it guards a multitude of secrets that reveals our inner and unique way of being.

BLOOD CONCEPT is a private celebration of the vivid and fascinating liquid that flows in our veins. Because blood is actually the river of life.
A, B, AB and 0, retrace the evolution of manhood through time and its record of information, history and mutation, so well kept in the vital flushing of blood.

BLOOD CONCEPT is a mystic ritual with no flowers to be found: deep as primeval Africa in 0‚ aromatic as the scent of familiar land in A, bold as unpredictable itineraries in B, bold and sharp as a metropolitan skyline in AB.
Ending each time with the same subtle and mysterious note: a metallic vague suspicion."

Each of the four unisex scents are described below and available in either a 40ml dropper or 60ml spray. The fabulous individual packaging shown below was designed by 2PFG

Type O:

Visceral and Intense. From the depths of the earth. Carnal and Primitive.
The packaging:

Type A:

Green and aromatic. A symbiotic relationship with nature. Reassuring and clean.
The packaging:

Type B:

Woody and spicy. A Brave Traveler and keen to discover the unknown. Nomadic and eclectic.
The Packaging:

Type AB:

Synthetic and individualist. A loner chemist stumbling upon. Unavoidable changes. Uninhibited and visionary. The packaging:

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